Review – Society 6 Leggings


I have never really thought about putting my designs up for sale on Society 6 until recently, and just in time for them to start offering custom leggings! Naturally, I was stoked at the idea of all-over-print apparel, and I ordered a pair almost as soon as I found out. I decided to get some with my Paper Cut-Out Video Game Controllers design on them. I’ve been going to the gym fairly regularly since I got a membership a couple of months ago, and I was excited at the thought of wearing something other than the usual, bland, mass-produced workout wear. In a sea of people oozing vanity, I like to pretend that I am immune and that I am still a unique snowflake. Like me in the above photo, you can really let your dork flag fly. Here are my thoughts:


– Quick turnaround. Considering that it is a custom-made item, the turnaround was fantastic. I ordered them on a Friday, and received them the following Friday. Impressive. This really beats out some other businesses that will print custom clothing, but comes from overseas countries like China. (I am in California.)

– The fabric they use is nice: thick enough so that it feels durable and slightly compressing, but not thick enough so that you will die of hyperthermia if you wear them while working out.

– Good print quality. Details and colors are intact.



– The overall grey color came out lighter than I was anticipating.

– Slightly see-through. I don’t know if this will apply to a darker color print, but I would not be comfortable going commando or wearing thongs under these, especially at the gym. It’s not too bad in a neutral position, but you can see through them if you bend over when, for example, you are doing some dead lifts. In the photos, I am wearing boy shorts underneath, because A) I don’t like things riding up my butt while I am working out, and B) I am sure no one wants to see my vulva when I strike a Down Dog. You can also wear shorts over them if you’re worried about this sort of thing.

– The stitching on the top of the waistband is a little tight, so if you have hips, it might prove difficult to pull them past the hips to your waist. I’m not all that hippy, and even I had some trouble. Once I was able to wriggle them up, though, they fit my waist perfectly and didn’t ride down at all, even through a rigorous workout. Maybe I should have ordered a size up? I don’t know.


Overall, the cons are minor for me, and I would definitely buy more pairs. You can buy a pair like mine here, and please feel free to check out the rest of my Society 6 shop!


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We visited the new Round 1 in Lakewood today. This picture isn’t very good, but it commemorates the first ever 4D(!!!!) game we experienced. Even though it cost $2 to play, Dark Escape was kind of neat. #videogames #blaine #me (at Round 1 Bowling and Amusement)

I’ve made myself several dresses, but this is my first skirt. I made it out of the Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move) fabric I designed. I’m quite happy with the result: it’s whimsical, bubbly, but at the same time the structure makes it more adult. Fun, but not childish, is what I’m going for. Oh, and pockets, ‘cause they rule your face. You can get the fabric here: . #fashion #girlystuff #videogames #me (Taken with Instagram)