We visited the Colosseum today, which is only a short walk from our hotel. Both Blaine and I were not feeling so well, and with the baby and everything, it's the only site we managed today. Well, that, and we ate some really delicious porchetta sandwiches on the sidewalk. I caught this shot on the walk back during golden hour. #rome #italy #vacation #travel #colosseum

Goofing around in our hotel room. I have been taking Imogen on "airplane rides" long before she knew what they were. Now that she knows what they are and can say "airplane," she is obsessed with them. #baby #imogen #travel #vacation

We had a leisurely morning, had our first coffee in Italy, and now we are on the high speed train to Naples! We are nice and rested, and I just realized that the guy sitting in front of us who took this picture is not shy about picking his nose in public. #travel #vacation #italy #family

Today, we visited Vatican City. The museums are a labyrinth of priceless art, and there is so much to see that it's impossible to appreciate everything in one day. From architecture, to sculpture–it's kind of over-stimulating. Plus, it is so crowded in there. I can't even imagine what it's like when it's not the off-season. #vatican #italy #vacation #travel #art #architecture #rome