Can you spot the penis arrow? These ingenious signs led the sailors and visitors to Ponpei, who spoke all different kinds of languages, straight to the brothel. #italy #pompei #vacation

Peekaboo! We are on our way to vacation and I am so tired! Blaine took this photo from our first leg of the journey while I was rocking Imogen to sleep by the emergency exit. #imogen #me #vacation #travel

This stray dog just sleeps in the middle of one of Pompeii's theaters, naught a care in the world about all us damn tourists. Apparently he is a regular, and there are many more like him. #vacation #italy #pompeii #travel

After a hiccup in air travel related to electrical failure, we finally made it to our final destination: Rome, Italy! Here is the view from when we got into our hotel room this afternoon. #rome #italy #vacation #travel

It has been raining cats and dogs today, so we have just been chilling, shopping for souvenirs, and eating. This is a typical look down one of the narrow alleys here in Sorrento. It's undeniably a place of commerce, but also one of real charm. Lots of inspiration to draw from! #italy #sorrento #vacation #travel #rainyday