This stray dog just sleeps in the middle of one of Pompeii's theaters, naught a care in the world about all us damn tourists. Apparently he is a regular, and there are many more like him. #vacation #italy #pompeii #travel

After a hiccup in air travel related to electrical failure, we finally made it to our final destination: Rome, Italy! Here is the view from when we got into our hotel room this afternoon. #rome #italy #vacation #travel

It has been raining cats and dogs today, so we have just been chilling, shopping for souvenirs, and eating. This is a typical look down one of the narrow alleys here in Sorrento. It's undeniably a place of commerce, but also one of real charm. Lots of inspiration to draw from! #italy #sorrento #vacation #travel #rainyday

We visited the Colosseum today, which is only a short walk from our hotel. Both Blaine and I were not feeling so well, and with the baby and everything, it's the only site we managed today. Well, that, and we ate some really delicious porchetta sandwiches on the sidewalk. I caught this shot on the walk back during golden hour. #rome #italy #vacation #travel #colosseum

Goofing around in our hotel room. I have been taking Imogen on "airplane rides" long before she knew what they were. Now that she knows what they are and can say "airplane," she is obsessed with them. #baby #imogen #travel #vacation