Today, we visited Vatican City. The museums are a labyrinth of priceless art, and there is so much to see that it's impossible to appreciate everything in one day. From architecture, to sculpture–it's kind of over-stimulating. Plus, it is so crowded in there. I can't even imagine what it's like when it's not the off-season. #vatican #italy #vacation #travel #art #architecture #rome

Goofing around in our hotel room. I have been taking Imogen on "airplane rides" long before she knew what they were. Now that she knows what they are and can say "airplane," she is obsessed with them. #baby #imogen #travel #vacation

A bit of Hawaii that doesn't usually end up on the postcards. We had a rough day today. Imogen is sick and we decided to take her to urgent care 40 minutes away from where we are staying. It's the first time that she's ever been this sick and I became a bit of a wreck. I made Blaine stop on the highway on the way back so I could take this photo, once we knew that our baby was not, in fact, near death. #hawaii #bigisland #landscape #travel

It's a slow, relaxing day. Our little apartment here in Sorrento has a well-equipped kitchen, so I've been making us breakfast every morning to save a little money. I don't know what it is with eggs outside of the U.S., but they are extra good, with very orange yolks! #food #vacation #italy #travel #breakfast