There was a 50 minute wait at Olive Garden, I had my sketchbook with me, but I was uninspired and didn’t know what to draw, so I took to Twitter and Facebook. The first suggestion I got was (from Michael), “Draw a picture of what you want to eat and hand it to the waiter/waitress without making eye contact. If they talk to you, tap the drawing.” All I like here is the soup, so I drew some Pasta e Fagioli. I didn’t want to seem rude at “the good Olive Garden,” so I just showed it to the waitress and made her guess. Blaine thought I couldn’t do it ‘cause I didn’t have all the necessary colors. I am happy that my drawing is good enough that she guessed correctly. This might be my new way of ordering at busy, “usual” spots. #drawings #sketch #sketchbook #food