Nine months pregnant and about a week away from my due date, I managed to survive Day 1 of Ahmed Hussien’s spring immersion dance training without going into labor. Also, this is probably the last of the Red Unitard selfie series. #bellydance #pregnancy #me

My family threw me a superhero-themed baby shower today, and I thought I would make a special piece to wear for the occasion. I sewed this tunic out of my “Onomatopoeia!” fabric design printed on Performance Knit from Spoonflower. It was my first time working with knits, but this material is amazing: light, great drape, and the colors come out particularly vivid on this. It’s also got some moisture control, so ideas for athletic apparel are endless! You can purchase this fabric in my Spoonflower store! #spoonflower #fabric #design #sewing #fashion #me #pregnancy #maternity

Pregnant yoga looks weird—at least when I’m doing it. Getting harder to do this going into 33 weeks, but I would recommend it to all expecting moms. It really helps with my lower back pain and sciatica flare-ups. Pregnant Crow is just for fun, though, just to see if I can still do it. Mwahaha! #yoga #fitness #pregnancy #me

My White baby from tonight’s breast feeding class. I always thought that you just stick a baby to your boob and nature takes care of itself, but I guess it’s more involved than that. #pregnancy #life