Throwback Thursday – My nephew started taking Tae Kwon Do at the same Dojang I went to, and it's made me a little nostalgic. Here I am with some of my masters and instructors after I had just completed my black belt test. I miss the days when I could do tornado kicks without injuring something. Now I am a creaky old lady. #tbt #me #life #taekwondo

I didn’t start learning how to put on makeup until I was 18. I’ve been learning slowly over my adult life, and my driver’s license photos reflect this, getting progressively more dolled up. At this rate, at my next renewal, I will be a full-on drag queen. #tbt #throwbackthursday #me

A video of me and Imogen dancing in class while she sleeps in my wrap. I don’t know if it’s because I danced a lot while pregnant, but it totally konks her out. Thanks for the video @lunadances and @anoushbellydance ! #bellydance #dance #baby #me