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Finally built a new computer, and with tech improvements came an aesthetic improvement for my workspace, putting up these tourism posters for Italy on the bare wall. I think I am officially obsessed. Anyway, my work flow is vastly improved, and as a bonus it's fast AF so I can play all the new games now. #homedecor #workspace #homeoffice #italy

We had a leisurely morning, had our first coffee in Italy, and now we are on the high speed train to Naples! We are nice and rested, and I just realized that the guy sitting in front of us who took this picture is not shy about picking his nose in public. #travel #vacation #italy #family

Today, we visited Vatican City. The museums are a labyrinth of priceless art, and there is so much to see that it's impossible to appreciate everything in one day. From architecture, to sculpture–it's kind of over-stimulating. Plus, it is so crowded in there. I can't even imagine what it's like when it's not the off-season. #vatican #italy #vacation #travel #art #architecture #rome

It's a slow, relaxing day. Our little apartment here in Sorrento has a well-equipped kitchen, so I've been making us breakfast every morning to save a little money. I don't know what it is with eggs outside of the U.S., but they are extra good, with very orange yolks! #food #vacation #italy #travel #breakfast

We didn't do too much in Rome today. We tried to go see the Trevi Fountain, but it was dry and under restoration. In the afternoon, I met up with the beautiful Barbara to do a photo shoot at the Villa Cellimontana. She is an American Tribal Style belly dancer here in Rome, with grace and a kind spirit. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to photograph a dancer on the other side of the world! Truly a dream fulfilled! #bellydance #ats #tribalstyle #italy #vacation #rome #bellydancer #travel