From shooting the symphony, I got ready in a hurry and performed with my belly dance troupe tonight. I tried something new with my makeup and piled on the blue eyeshadow. Putting on this much, I fear I end up looking like a drag queen; or, I can’t help but be reminded of Homer’s make-up gun. “Homer, I think you have it set on ‘whore.’” #me #girlystuff #makeup

I was way too tired to let down my hair and take off my make-up before konking out last night, but hey, both held up pretty well considering I sleep like a roly-poly. This new hairspray I bought must be magic. #girlystuff #me

Little black dress, faux fur shawl, smoky eyes and glossy pink lips from tonight’s date. I curled my hair, but I used curlers, and with the rain it didn’t stand a chance. Also, I forgot to put on lashes. Whoops. I get a D- in Feminine Wiles. BUT, after a month of solid eating and training, I am back down 2 dress sizes, and was able to zip up into this dress again. Jyeah! #fashion #girlystuff #ootd #fitness #me

I’ve made myself several dresses, but this is my first skirt. I made it out of the Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move) fabric I designed. I’m quite happy with the result: it’s whimsical, bubbly, but at the same time the structure makes it more adult. Fun, but not childish, is what I’m going for. Oh, and pockets, ‘cause they rule your face. You can get the fabric here: . #fashion #girlystuff #videogames #me (Taken with Instagram)