Review – Society 6 Leggings


I have never really thought about putting my designs up for sale on Society 6 until recently, and just in time for them to start offering custom leggings! Naturally, I was stoked at the idea of all-over-print apparel, and I ordered a pair almost as soon as I found out. I decided to get some with my Paper Cut-Out Video Game Controllers design on them. I’ve been going to the gym fairly regularly since I got a membership a couple of months ago, and I was excited at the thought of wearing something other than the usual, bland, mass-produced workout wear. In a sea of people oozing vanity, I like to pretend that I am immune and that I am still a unique snowflake. Like me in the above photo, you can really let your dork flag fly. Here are my thoughts:


– Quick turnaround. Considering that it is a custom-made item, the turnaround was fantastic. I ordered them on a Friday, and received them the following Friday. Impressive. This really beats out some other businesses that will print custom clothing, but comes from overseas countries like China. (I am in California.)

– The fabric they use is nice: thick enough so that it feels durable and slightly compressing, but not thick enough so that you will die of hyperthermia if you wear them while working out.

– Good print quality. Details and colors are intact.



– The overall grey color came out lighter than I was anticipating.

– Slightly see-through. I don’t know if this will apply to a darker color print, but I would not be comfortable going commando or wearing thongs under these, especially at the gym. It’s not too bad in a neutral position, but you can see through them if you bend over when, for example, you are doing some dead lifts. In the photos, I am wearing boy shorts underneath, because A) I don’t like things riding up my butt while I am working out, and B) I am sure no one wants to see my vulva when I strike a Down Dog. You can also wear shorts over them if you’re worried about this sort of thing.

– The stitching on the top of the waistband is a little tight, so if you have hips, it might prove difficult to pull them past the hips to your waist. I’m not all that hippy, and even I had some trouble. Once I was able to wriggle them up, though, they fit my waist perfectly and didn’t ride down at all, even through a rigorous workout. Maybe I should have ordered a size up? I don’t know.


Overall, the cons are minor for me, and I would definitely buy more pairs. You can buy a pair like mine here, and please feel free to check out the rest of my Society 6 shop!


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With all the Batman hysteria, this is a good time to post about this, as I don’t remember ever documenting it. This reversible Batman hoodie is one of the first things I’d ever sewn, and it continues to be one of my favorite pieces of clothing. #batman #fashion #geekchic #me (Taken with Instagram)