It's January and fall leaves are only showing up here in Southern California. This was spotted on my run this afternoon. I am finally able to jog for 25 minutes straight for the first time since before I got pregnant. I am slowly getting there. I will make myself like running. #fitness #nature #california

My first 10k, or any "k" for that matter. People in third world countries would laugh at is paying people so we could run, but it was for a good cause, and I had fun doing it with a bunch of my family. #family #fitness #life

Pregnant yoga looks weird—at least when I’m doing it. Getting harder to do this going into 33 weeks, but I would recommend it to all expecting moms. It really helps with my lower back pain and sciatica flare-ups. Pregnant Crow is just for fun, though, just to see if I can still do it. Mwahaha! #yoga #fitness #pregnancy #me

7 months along in my pregnancy, and still trying to keep fit. Along with dancing, I do light jog/walk, some light resistance training, and yoga. Still gaining weight, which freaks me out a little, but the doctor says I am right on track with my weight gain. And yes, that is my dog running on the treadmill while I do resistance. (There is a mirror in front of me so I can see him at all times.) Nino is my #swolemate . #fitness #pregnancy #me