My ensemble from last night’s Classy Christmas: a 40’s-inspired look with a purple satin dress, faux fur coat, not-too-dramatic make-up, and my first successful attempt at Victory Rolls. This coat was given to me by Blaine’s mom, who procured it in the 80’s (look at those shoulders!), and calls it “Arctic Fox.” It has been in my possession for two years now, and living in Southern California, I have not found the appropriate opportunity to wear it until now. Finally! ARCTIC FOX! #fashion #ootd #me #christmas #vintage #retro

Little black dress, faux fur shawl, smoky eyes and glossy pink lips from tonight’s date. I curled my hair, but I used curlers, and with the rain it didn’t stand a chance. Also, I forgot to put on lashes. Whoops. I get a D- in Feminine Wiles. BUT, after a month of solid eating and training, I am back down 2 dress sizes, and was able to zip up into this dress again. Jyeah! #fashion #girlystuff #ootd #fitness #me

My Thanksgiving ensemble: black jersey faux wrap dress by Maggy Boutique, thrifted for $10, with pearls and a flower. I realize that it’s a bit funeral-ish for Thanksgiving, but my mom wanted to take family portraits, and we decided to coordinate in black, which is fine by me ‘cause black is awesome. I wanted to shorten this, but I thought it looked cute and a little retro at this length when worn with a petticoat. What do you guys think? Hem it, or keep it this way on the slim chance I ever go swing dancing? #fashion #ootd #me #thrifting

Geek Chic – Space Kimono Dress (Orion Nebula)

If you are like me and every other dork, you love space. You may also be obsessed with science fiction. A few months ago, for my birthday, I splurged on some custom cotton silk fabric printed with an image of the Orion Nebula from Spoonflower. I straight-up stole this photo from the NASA website, did a little bit of manipulation and made a seamless pattern out of it. I finally did something with it and sewed up this kimono dress. I also added pockets, because, duh. I think it’s a good way to express your obsession without being too literal with your chosen space-related fandom. You can get the fabric here: . (Taken with my Canon Powershot SD780 IS) #fashion #sewing #diy #space #me #ootd