For my birthday, I decided I wanted to have a Harry Potter party, then proceed to camp outside the Barnes and Noble to pick up my copy of Deathly Hallows! I made cupcakes, cockroach clusters, treacle tarts, butterbeer, and we played Harry Potter-themed Win Lose or Draw. Yes, I am an adult.

My sister and grandpa’s birthday celebration. I had a great time with family, wore a new dress I made, and got to see my grandma visiting from the Philippines.

Geek Chic: Super Mario Dress

As a short person, it’s hard to find cool clothes that fit me properly. Either the stuff I like are made for taller people and I have to alter them, or if they’re the right length, they’re sold at those cheapie, hip young people stores run by Koreans that make their clothes out of flimsy fabrics that are hard to manage (and are made for thin Asian girls, which is not me >.>).

Consequently, I’ve decided to start making my own clothes. I’ve found that this is a good way to get clothes that fit my style and taste, that fit me, and as an afterthought, end up saving a lot of money.

Last week, I found this really awesome Super Mario fabric, which I decided to make into a dress that I thought you guys might appreciate.

And I made a necklace to go with it!

So yeah, there you have it, the first entry to Level 99’s “Geek Fashion” category. Watch for more fabulous duds in the future. ^.~

I never would have thought I’d find myself in this place…

I don’t know what started it, but over the past half a year or so, I’ve become greatly interested in makeup and beauty products. Maybe it’s the fact that I work around fashion that’s rubbing off on me, or if it’s just my general interest in aesthetics and cool colors. Or maybe it’s just simply that I want to prove that I’m a girl every once in a while. On a daily basis, I barely wear makeup; I put on a little blush, a little mascara, some gloss, and that’s about it. However,even though I like to experiment with dramatic effects and colors on my own time, I’d never thought I’d end up where I did on today’s adventure.

Today, after Tae Kwon Do, I decided to go to the mall to pay my Macy’s bill, on which I still owe for a suit and dress I bought in December. Instead of just paying and going, though, for some reason I stuck around for a bit….and spent. It’s amazing how boredom can make one spend frivolously.

First, I stopped by the Shiseido counter in the Macy’s. By the way, Shiseido has like, the most Engrished out subtitle ever—“The Makeup.” What a lazy fucking marketing director they have…..but I digress. I have heard all these raves about their eyelash curler, and I was actually looking on eBay to buy one. Not wanting to simply go by the word of others, however, I decided against it and thought I would try it first. That’s where the Shiseido counter comes in. They let me try the stupid thing, and wow. It actually curled my eyelashes without frustration. The frustration part I’ve experienced with other curlers is a story for another time, but I guess this one caters moreso to Asian people.

Where I ended up next is a place I’ve always been intimidated by. With its seemingly endless line of colors, the fire code-violating number of people that’s always in there, and the whored-out sales girls, I’ve always passed this place thinking it was way out of my league. I ended up here:


That’s right, folks. My MAC cherry has been popped. I went in there, timidly looking around at first, until a shiny girl with shockingly crimson lips approached me and asked if I wanted help with anything.

Her name was Danise and she was really really….bright.

I then told her that I was interested in eyeshadow, but that I don’t have much experience and I had no idea what I wanted. I did know, however, that I wanted to look like a porn star. Because god hates me and hardly gave me any real ones, I really wanted some fake eyelashes. It’s mostly just because I’ve never tried them before, and I was coveting them as they were placidly sitting there in their little boxes on the counter next to the eyeshadows. Damn you, genetics! Why must you give me short, stubby lashes?!?! Anyyyway, I had no idea how to put those damn things on, and the thought of putting glue anywhere near my eyeball terrified me, so I had her demonstrate by giving me a pair. It still terrifies me. Since I ended up there almost around closing time in addition to the fact that I wasn’t really interested in their foundations and other crap, I just had her do my eyes, and this was the result of it all:

Me, all regular-like….
Eyes closed.
“Homer, I think you have it set on ‘whore.’”

Yeeeaaah….that’s definitely reminiscent of Asian porn stars with bad eye makeup! All I need now is a bad dye job that makes my hair look orange! XD Not that I’m saying that MAC makeup is bad or anything, but it’s definitely……”not subtle” to say the least. The texture and colors of their eye products are really rich and vibrant, and I do quite like them. Needless to say, I’m just going to save this look for special occasions. =P

So here’s what I ended up buying today.

Goodbye, money!

Actually, I already owned the pirate ship. By the way, the eyeshadow colors used and bought were “Jest” for the base color, “Haux” for the crease, “Shroom” for the highlights, and “Trax” for shadowing. Have I bored you to tears yet?! XD GOOD! Because you’ll never guess where I ended up next……..I’m kidding, I’m kidding! =P I actually went home and ate hummus, like some kind of slutty hippie. My life is so exciting!

Level 99: The Blog is Resurrected

Hurray! I found my blog! I thought for sure it had disappeared after my domain got taken over by a spam company, but apparently my hosting is still good! Yaaaay! Now that it’s back from the dead, it’s ascended BEYOND Level 99. It is now in gamer blog nirvana. XD

So what have I been up to? Well, since my last post, I’m still working at the same job, still have the same apartment, and just trying to live life as fully as possible. I also took up teaching Tae Kwon Do a few times a week again. I decided it was time to stop being scared about my knee and just go for it although I am being cautious still. I uploaded some Tae Kwon Do photos into Flickr account if you’re interested. My favorites include the following:


^.^ v Sorry I can’t post more at the moment, as I’m at work. I’ll try to post more later and as much as I can after that!

I had a great birthday weekend! I went skydiving in Santa Barbara with Blaine and my friend, Nathan. Blaine didn’t skydive, of course, but he drove us and hung out in a nearby Starbucks trying not to have a heart attack. He said he couldn’t watch me jump, afraid that something might go awry and the image of my splattered body would haunt his memory forever. He is a good sport, and I am so happy I did it. It’s probably the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done in my life!

The next day, my family came over to check out our new apartment and celebrate my birthday. They even got me a cake! I feel awesome, blessed, and loved! Thank you, everyone!

Greetings from Suncoast!

So uhh….we’re sitting in front of a Suncoast in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, stealing wireless internet from some unknowing (and unknown) retailer. We haven’t been doing much today…no excursions planned for this island. Bored….getting sick…bleeeeh. I hope I feel better soon. I kind of feel bad that we’re at this major commercial center when there are things to see. Oh well….at least we’re not shuttling excitedly to the nearest Wal-Mart like many of our fellow vacationers. There are a lot of old people on cruises….old, white, Wal-Mart people.

Internet is stupid expensive on the ship. They want you to pay $.75 per minute if you want to use their computers. You have to pay a minimum of $25.00 for 30 minutes of wireless internet, which only extends to one deck and doesn’t even reach the comfort of our room. Their best deal is $100.00 for 250 minutes of wireless internet. It’s highway robbery, I tell you.

Other than that, everything is great and beautiful, and I wish I had more time to put up lots of the pictures that I took. For now, though, you’ll just have to enjoy this tiny ass beach panorama shot.

Until next time, Aloha! =)