Posted 1 day ago

This is what happens when you let @guyselga draw on the chalkboard wall in your child’s room. #friends #masterpiece

Posted 3 days ago

Yeah! Today, on my birthday, for the first time I have 3 different designs featured in 3 shop lists! Come check out my Spoonflower shop!

Posted 4 days ago

Continuing the tradition of “making my friends and family do things they don’t want to do but they will ‘cause it’s my birthday.” We took a hike around a scenic dry lakebed!

Posted 5 days ago

Zahra Zuhair - Vector Illustration

Posted 6 days ago

Cheer up, sad panda! Let’s take a selfie! #baby #imogen #me

Posted 1 week ago

New baby thing of the day: Imogen has all of a sudden discovered that she has feet. She started grabbing them and playing with them this morning!

Posted 1 week ago

A couple of photos from this past weekend’s Golden Era Belly Dance workshop with Zahra Zuhair. It was very informative, and the choreography was exquisite! I had to bring the baby with me, though, so she got some dancing in too!

(Thank you to Anoush for hosting and for group photo!)

Posted 1 week ago

Imogen with cousins Rainelle and Isaiah! #family #baby #imogen

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Vector Illustration

Posted 2 weeks ago

Night vision baby eyes are creepy, yo. #baby #imogen