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Slow motion peek-a-boo! #baby #imogen #slowmotion

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"Mommy, you can’t escape me." #baby #imogen

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35mm Cameras Tunic/Really Short Dress

It’s been a while since I’ve made something to wear! Much to my dismay, I still have not lost all my baby weight, so I wanted to make something fairly loose, preferably with a knit fabric, and with no damn zippers!

I sewed this tunic using my own surface pattern design, inspired by the historically significant Pentax K1000, on Spoonflower’s Performance Piqué fabric. From afar it kind of looks like a weave pattern, and upon closer inspection is that little touch of “geekiness.” I like this fabric too, as it’s lightweight, retains color very well, with more of a tooth and less of a sheen compared to Spoonflower’s Performance Knit fabric.

I used the Moneta sewing pattern from Colette Patterns, which is specially designed for knits. This is my second experience with Colette, and once again it was a pleasure. I absolutely love this simple, versatile design, and I foresee myself utilizing this pattern repeatedly in the future.

I sewed this over a couple of days while the baby napped. Determined to get as much done as possible while I had my hands free, I found myself manically trying to get this thing finished. As a result, I made a giant mistake. I originally intended it to be a proper dress, but I made a miscalculation in the length. I was a little disappointed in myself, but I found that it’s not too bad worn over a pleather skirt, or as a tunic over leggings. Oh, well. Happy accident?

You can purchase my fabric design from my Spoonflower shop, here:

You can purchase Moneta from Colette Patterns, here:

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Time lapse video of the Hawaii scenery chalk drawing I did on Imogen’s wall for her 5th month photos.

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Imogen - 5 1/2 months - Aloha from Imogen and Stitch (sort of)!

I got Nino’s costume for $8-plus-free-shipping from a Chinese seller on eBay. It’s kind of janky. Oh well. 

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Where are Imogen and Nino going in this month’s chalkboard photo shoot? Bonus points if you can also guess the theme! #illustration #chalk #chalkboard #drawings #art

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I like this photo Blaine took of me over the weekend. #me

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Hambone’s was a feature for tonight’s date. This looks very unassuming, but it is the best, most heavenly banana pudding I have ever tasted. Also, their brisket and hot links are to-die-for. I will pick this place over Lucille’s any damn day. #food #datenight (at Hambones Bar & Grill)

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Photos from our little adventure in Santa Barbara today. We enjoyed some amazing seafood, and saw some amazing art at the Santa Barbara Art Museum. It was a beautiful day!

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Had a family adventure to Santa Barbara today, where I ate some fresh, local sea urchin! #food #uni